Rehabilitation is the use of stretching, massage, joint mobilizations, exercises and modalities such as therapy laser, ultrasound and treadmills (both dry and underwater) to speed up recovery from injury or surgery. Rehabilitation treatments can be performed to improve muscle function for all ages and activity ranges, from a puppy to a performance athlete to a senior pet. Rehabilitation addresses the muscles, ligaments and other connective tissues to improve mobility and function. Senior pets who often suffer from discomfort as a result of arthritis in their joints which may go unnoticed or misunderstood by pet owners.

Arthritis can present itself as stiffness, sleeping more, not jumping up anymore, weight loss, and occasionally even mood changes.  If your dog or cat is showing any of these signs, it would be a good idea to have them checked by your veterinarian. There are a multitude of options available to improve your pets mobility and comfort level including the use of: cold laser therapy, acupuncture, underwater treadmill sessions, prescription diets, nutritional supplements, and even physiotheraphy instructions for exercises you can do with your pet at home.  We want to work with you to improve the comfort and activity level of pet to keep them a happy and healthy part of your family for years to come. 

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