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  • Why Do Dogs Bite
    In the United States, almost five million people suffer a dog bite each year. And it is often children or other vulnerable people who incur those injuries. Even long-time dog Read more
  • “Always Pet The Puppies”
    One day, early in my veterinary education, one of our professors, uttered a phrase that profoundly affected me. He said something like: “We’re not educating you in veterinary medicine so Read more
  • Does your dog have a job?
    I always say that a dog needs a job or a friend.  I don’t mean that all dogs need to be service dogs, or military dogs, or therapy dogs.  Dogs Read more
  • Is my dog color-blind?
    I was asked recently if dogs can see color. The reason for the question was an interesting story in itself.  The lady’s dog is a very sweet pit bull mix. Recently Read more

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